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Driven Up The Wall

trump tower climber



This is a terrible way to hide from Kim Jong-Un.

“I panicked.”

Oh, no. Don’t panic.

“I know that now, but I’m twenty stories up on the Trump Tower.”

Yeah, was that a political statement?

“Well, I’m running from a foreign dictator, so it’s kinda political.”

Sure. Did anything in particular set this ill-advised plan in motion?

“Again: did not think this through. In retrospect, a poor choice.”

Did you just have all that equipment?

“What, you don’t have a Human Fly guy?”

You bring this on yourself.


Your phone is supposed to be ringing.

“It’s not.”

Have it on vibrate?

“I never set my phone to vibrate; all my ring tones are me soloing.”

Sounds right.

Huh. Weird.


“How you get us lost?”

kim jong un straw hat map

“So sorry, Your Handsomeness!”

“Are basketball players still alive?”

“Almost most, Your Relevance.

“Josh Meyer tweet back at me?”

“Not yet, Your Virtuosity.”

“This isn’t even a map!”

“Heaven conspires against its blessed child, Your Blessed Childishness.”

“Shut up, Only Korean Jenkins.”

“Yes, sir.”


  1. Kim’s right hand man has the Mayer watch pose down pat.

  2. He’s wearing a Nick Saban style hat.

  3. Luther Von Baconson

    August 12, 2016 at 3:51 am

    you Go! Josh.

  4. probably one of us, let’s face it

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