Continuing in the (entirely new and unasked for) tradition of recommending shows that are just pretty decent, TotD gives you 8/30/69 at the Family Dog.

The Pros It’s a ’69, so there’s a Dark Star>St. Stephen>The Eleven sequence AND an Easy Wind.

The Cons Virtually everything else. Garcia and Phil seem to be having an out-of-tune-off the entire show, the transition into The Eleven is beyond “endearingly ramshackle” and instead exists in “cartoonishly amateurish” until it’s mercifully cut short by Garcia breaking a string (his second of the evening); and while Easy Wind is a great song, it’s also a great song that they never learned how to play.

In fact, this show was so awful that I turned it off immediately after I had listened to the entire thing and made notes on it.

Dammit, I need a woman.