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DVD Special Features For Long Strange Trip


  • Director Amir Bar-Lev (informative).
  • Bobby (digressive).
  • Mickey dozed off halfway through, then woke up suddenly and sucker-punched the sound guy.
  • Billy smuggled skank into the recording booth and you can hear them humping on-and-off for four hours, plus Billy polished off the better part of a case of Löwenbräu and if we’re honest the entire last hour is nothing but slapping flesh and Billy yelling terrible things about Koreans.
  • There is also a commentary from legend of stage and screen Tim Curry. He’s recovered from a bad stroke, mostly, but you can still hear it in his voice, and he isn’t affiliated with the Dead in any way. Not even a fan, really. I don’t know why this was included.
  • Ramdomly-chosen Deadhead who bitches and complains the entire movie.


Bobby’s line is “These rosary beads?” But he says “These rosary bleeds?” and Natasha Monster can’t stop laughing.

Behind-the-scenes featurettes

  • Billy broke into Amir Bar-Lev’s house one night; his pal Big Fritzy taped the whole thing.
  • Bobby explains his guitars while eating a peanut butter sandwich.
  • Rucka Rucka by moonlight.
  • Tour of Sam Cutler’s house/van. (Also available as a virtual reality file.)
  • TXR busboy talent show.
  • Nick Paumgarten demonstrates his award-winning Eggs Benedict; he uses an ingredient that might surprise you. Halfway through making the eggs, Lilian Monster drop kicks him and starts whacking him in the head with a placard that reads SAVE THE EGGS.
  • Screen tests. (Kurt Russell read for Bobby. Shaq read for Bill Walton.)

Gag reel

Amir Bar-Lev snaps Steve Silberman’s suspenders, and Steve says, “Why did you do that? to which Amir replies “We’re doing a gag reel,” and Steve says “Oh I can’t wait to see it. Don’t do that,” and Amir was like, ‘Okay, amigo.”

Plus twenty minutes of Billy showing a hotel lobby his fruit salad. (Fruit salad is not potato salad, though they are made of the same substance. Fruit salad is produced via tucking your genitals in between your legs and bending over, slightly, to reveal your magnificence to the world, or the hotel lobby. The tip of your cock and balls jibble back and forth, juicy and spherical, much like berries in a fruit salad: hence, the name.)


Alternate endings: Garcia lives.


  1. also known as the “fruit bowl”

  2. SmokingLeather

    May 19, 2017 at 3:50 am

    I want to see the alternate ending.

  3. Aaaah man , no spoilers! Geeze.
    You forgot the 5.6 mix of barbed wire whipping party played over the opening menu.

  4. May 26 on iTunes Canada release date.

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