phil bobby mickey billy go vote

Actually I do have some questions:

  • Why are Mickey and Billy stumping for coyotes?
  • Out of the four of them, who could most coherently explain what a hashtag is?
  • Does the logo for this Headcount organization need to be so violent? It seems that the guitar is being used as a weapon of convenience, perhaps to put a small varmint of its misery.
  • Is Bobby’s card smeared with feces? Because that’s how he’s holding it.
  • Mickey’s eyebrows are thicker than a William Vollman book.
  • Why do the “O”s in Phil’s sign contain robot assholes? That’s not just me, right? Those are techno-sphinctors.
  • Billy insisted on pronouncing it “gahVOHtay,” and claiming it was “a particularly nastified disease of the natures both sexual and Puerto Rican. I caught it in Mexico.”