Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Eats, Drums, And Leaves

Here, Mickey teaches us the importance of a comma. “I’m in, Mickey” and “I’m in Mickey” are two very different concepts.


  1. He is aiming for a series of greeting cards.

    Have you watched..
    “Mickey Hart – Innovators In Music”

    22 minutes of fun, shows him spinning paint canvases to make his art, and picking up on the resonance of many things,
    the planets.. he can play that,
    the dead trees, he can play that,
    his paintings.. he can play that.

    *note that I am not being mean to Mickey during BeKind month, I Hart Mickey.

  2. Eats choogles and leaves

  3. I need this crochetted on all my pillows.

  4. I am starting to believe in this conspiracy theory that Mickey’s daughter is now in charge of all social media memes for the Mickster. First off, note how Mickey is paying way more attention to the screensaver monitor which is obviously connected via that colorful midi controller that is hardwired to 10 terabytes of drum samples including the time the Dead were on Sesame Street and he wailed on Oscar’s garbage can and also played Mr. Hooper’s broom. Neil Young sampled this sample (yes that is a thing) on Harvest Moon.

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