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Eighty-Five, Man

I just started in on today’s Listening, beginning with 7/2/85 in Pittsburgh. Check it out for nothing but the Jack Straw, where they basically dare themselves to play it that fast, and then mostly pull it off.

Plus, Healy is already being a giant creep–weirding Bobby’s voice all over the place and pulling his usual bullshit.


  1. I know it’s a cliche, and no one else cares, but this was my first show. Jerry starts Brokedown at the chorus, and then just stops the song, more or less apologizes and starts it over. Classic. (this was the encore) Good show for the 80s.

  2. Yeah the Brokedown is just a mess, but your first show is a nice thing, boychick! For your special day, you receive a lifetime supply of tin foil. Garcia says that what’s people want, more tin foil. He won’t say for what, though.

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