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Ein Bild Unter Dem Baum

IMG_1609I’m not even making an attempt at going left to right, and shall–just to be contrary–begin with the waif to the easternmost of the pic.

  • That might be Yolandi from Die Antwoord. It’s the same haircut.
  • And let’s just get the other non-Grateful Dead out of the way: that is most likely an astonishing looking woman and the light’s just hitting her weird.
  • Because look how awesome Billy looks. The sneakers and the ‘stache help, but he just looks like a rock star in this shot.
  • Which he objectively doesn’t.
  • Plus, Bobby had real high standards, and she’s wearing a dress only a stone-cold fox would wear.
  • Ipso facto: bad light.
  • Everyone is this photo named Godchaux is upright solely because of pride and muscle memory.
  • Eagle-eyed Enthusiasts will recognize that Pigpen’s sweater was apparently passed around between band members during the tour, with Phil donning it for the Bickershaw show.
  • Also, Pig is no longer “mostly alive.” He is “partly dead.”
  • Bobby’s going to pork Billy’s girl.
  • Look at his face.
  • Disregard the serial killer glasses.
  • That’s Bobby’s sexy-face.
  • He’s gonna tear those quilts and throw rugs off her and kaiser her right in the Wilhem.
  • From ‘1976 to ’78, you could buy a Gremlin with seats upholstered just like Mrs. Donna Jean’s trousers.
  • Did Pig bring that pool cue from California?
  • Garcia’s just happy to be there.


  1. Did they leave Phil in the Foto-Kino?

  2. Billy’s left hand is enormous.

  3. The mystery ladies are Frankie Weir & Susila Kreutzmann.


    May 25, 2015 at 10:07 am

    Jerry and Billy were smart and took pees before the shoot. The rest of ’em did not.

  5. Another photo where Jerry is stuck in the back row like some privileged roadie who was allowed to join the rockstars for a pic. And PigPen holding a pool cue. Remember Pig’s regular rap during Love Light? “Everybody put you hands in the air. Cause if you don’t I know yer playin’ pocket pool”. hahaha.

  6. And Frankie is the woman in the horseshoe on the cover of Ace.

  7. I wonder when was the last time Keith and Donna slept before this shot.

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