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Eine Nation Unter Einer Nut

Man cannot live on Dead alone, and this P-Funk Rockpalast show from ’85 is the best kind of change.

George Clinton and P-Funk’s best days were in the 70’s (shocker) and George’s only memories of the 80’s are baseball-sized rocks of cocaine and people stealing his royalties. Doesn’t really matter what state George was in, though, when you have a band like this: Michael Hampton and (a sadly faded) Eddie Hazel on guitar, plus the tsunamic Dennis Chambers on the drums.

Everything is on The One.


  1. Not in the band at the time, but relevant for any number of reasons. (Psst: it’s really most relevant for The One)

  2. Although I didn’t see him in the video (I only watched Maggot Brain), lots of white light out to Bernie Worrell with his recent health issues.

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