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Esprit De Corps

lotus yellow

Phil, of course, had a Lotus Esprit that, while he drove it pretty much constantly beswozzled, never sent him to the hospital because while it looked awesome, it: A, it made 0-60 in about nine seconds; and B, was a car made in Britain in the 1970’s. The only reason they started was to have electrical fires. Tough to drive a car over a cliff, cancelling the summer tour, when you’re limping to the next gas station to refill the radiator for the third time this trip.

So why did Phil buy it?

lotus popups

POP-UP HEADLIGHTS, MOTHERFUCKER! Seriously, you know Phil instantly whipped out his checkbook when the salesman did that trick. (Again, though: British car from the 70’s. Those things worked for a month, tops.)

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  1. Heyyy…..I’m smellin’ research here.

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