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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Et Puer Parvulus Minabit Eos

This is our very own Swaggie Maggie in Los Angeles reminding us all of a truth immortal: you can only push the plebs so far.


  1. It’s when you quote from the Vulgate that I’m reminded how interesting you also must be irl

  2. I hereby nominate my right honorable friend Ms Maggie for President, 2036.

    If she isn’t already serving her second term by then (because we’ll have revoked the Constitutional article about being 35 being mandatory before one can be US President).

    Oh, and ToTD will have been both her Campaign Manager and Chief Of Staff…complete with Elvis&Nix-era belt buckle and Time Sheath stuff being found and utlized from the Briefcase of Infinite Felonies.

  3. and i am her comments mom, so i will get to live in the white house! yay maggie!

    • My dear comments section mother!

      And to all my friends – I am sorry I am so absent these days. Busy finishing up my last year of high school. Oh my goodness!

      I miss you all so much but I am here! Do not worry. I have not forgotten any of you.


  4. Go Maggie…

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