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art bobby painting kid citifield

This kid right here? This is a good kid. Not only is he rocking the aviators, which is a baller move for a ten-year-old, but he’s doing the “looking at art” face, and if ever a painting deserved that face it was this one. Is Bobby creating DNA?

Also: who buys paintings at a Dead show? You have to carry it around all day, and that is a fate worse than hell. I don’t usually compare myself to Holocaust survivors, but if I had to lug artwork around a Dead show, then I would absolutely compare myself to a Holocaust survivor. And rightly so.


  1. Ha! We saw someone selling that same painting outside of Terrapin Crossroads a few weeks ago.

  2. Or you could just take it back to the car.

  3. I took a picture of that very painting at txr with the specific intent of sending it to you. And then I decided against it because I was afraid you’d be too mean.

  4. I was gonna take a picture of the Phil bullshit that’s behind the kid’s head but I decided that you weren’t gonna be mean enough.

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