billy hat bobby msg hof

“I want to play myself.”

“Bill, that’s not gonna happen.”

“Gimme one of them computer facelifts.”

“Even if it made any sense, we don’t have the money for that.”

“Little makeup, I can still pass for 30.”

“You couldn’t pass for 30 when you were 30, Bill.”

“Fine. Then I want the pretty kid to play me.”


“Is that his name?”

“Yes. His name is Josh Meyers.”

“Whatever. Yeah: him. He should play me.”

“If he’s gonna play anyone, he’s gonna play me, and he’s not doing that. The kid isn’t in the picture.”

“He knows how to drum. I’ll give him some lessons.”

“Where did this idea come from?”

“Kid promised me half his salary if I gave him the job. Really wants to be an actor.”

“No. And please stop accepting kickbacks.”


“Kreutzmann, we’re getting a real actor and that’s it.”

“Well, at least let me pick him.”

“The casting director picks people.”

“Okay, I’ll be that.”


“The casting director. What does it pay?”

“You just want a check out of this, don’t you?”

“How long you know me?”