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In the Friends of Thoughts on the Dead (FoTotD) column, today we have the great Nick Paumgarten’s latest piece in The New Yorker about Atlantic City: apparently, it is not doing well.

This, of course, follows Mr. Paumgarten’s classic article about the Dead (one of the best written in a long time) from a few years back and continues his obsession with crumbling American institutions that shouldn’t even have lasted as long as they did.

TotD was not called a genius in this article, but it’s still worth your time.


  1. If ever you are mentioned somewhere, do they ask for your permission first or let you know beforehand? Also, do they still have that interview with you during Dead 50? A friend of mine would like to hear.

  2. That was a nice article.

    The Atlantic City one that is, well written, well researched.

    Makes me want to visit AC again, it has been about 6 years, sounds like it has slid a lot since then.


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