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Exactly The Same Size As A Drive-In Movie, Oo-Wee

[PDF] I built a drive-in theater

Boston-area Enthusiasts, you’re in for a treat: this year’s Meet-Up at the Movies (featuring the non-circulating 7/2/89 from Sullivan Stadium in Buffalo Foxborough) will be simulcast on the drive-in screen in Mendon, MA, plus if you want to get out of your car, there’s a beer garden and a Dead tribute band as an opening act.

This sounds like fun, and I hope some of you go, but if you don’t sneak in a couple extra Deadheads in the trunk, then I can’t talk to you anymore.


  1. who is the first nitpicker to say Foxborough, not Buffalo?

  2. I cannot wait for the first Berkeley MeetUpAtTheMovies, where the doors open at 8:00pm, a folk act comes on at 9:00 and “the movie” starts at 11:30pm, just like at the Keystone Berkeley! Refreshments available–Miller Lite and Popcorn, the entire menu at Keystone Berkeley. Good times.

    This is definitely the way to go. Maybe cops could harass patrons, give it that old time 80s feel.

  3. They open the gates at 4:20 and Mass. laws have thankfully evolved since the ’80’s. The 5″ of snow we got yesterday is another issue…

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