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Exit Interview

His Wikipedia page attests to his success and brilliance, but fuck me if I could make it thirty seconds into this without wanting to punch the interviewer right in his hair.

Anyway: Train Alpharetta talks about the Farewell Shoes. Enjoy it or don’t.


  1. Tres Antoinette manages to get through the whole segment without once playing with interviewer Alex Wilkinson’s hair, though this achievement is at some cost to his wedding ring.

  2. * Alec Wilkinson

  3. he looks like he teaches one of the lesser classes at hogwarts school of wirchcraft and wizardry.

    but i have read and liked his work. i wish i had never seen him.

  4. Trey does a great Bill Walton imitation.
    Wilkinson is a very good writer. Pick up Mr. Apology and Other Essays.

  5. he may be ‘a very good writer’, but he sure ain’t a good speaker.


  6. At 3:12: Is that Garcia driving the truck?

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