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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Explanations For Whatever In Hell This Is

phil pointing goofy 88

  • Whatever it is, Phil wants it placed right there.
  • Doing the new dance craze, The Philtusi.
  • Having his “launching the nukes” daydream again.
  • Phil is trying to dance like John Travolta, very unsuccessfully.
  • Midget on the stage.
  • Making a decision by playing Eenie-Minie-Moe in his head.
  • Bobby said, “Hey, Phil: let’s point at absolutely nothing and make goofy faces,” and they did.
  • Pretending he is the Daupin of France and picking out a peasant to hunt.
  • (An aside: there was a Joan of Arc movie starring Milla Jovavich; John Malkovich played the Dauphin and everyone kept referring to him by title, except they were all using terrible fake French accents and I thought they were talking about a dolphin. “Why does France have a dolphin?” I kept asking.  I was well into my twenties at the time.)
  • Puncturing the fontanelle of Invisible Baby Hitler.
  • Snitching.



  1. definitely snitching.

  2. Indicating which stone cold teen fox should be given a backstage pass to the Philzone

  3. “You don’t see it or smell it? It’s right there, on my bocce court!”

  4. Things normal bass players don’t need: Sweatbands, more than four strings, a guitar pick.

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