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Extra, Extra

This is very cool, Enthusiasts: from a source who asked to remain anonymous (though I can’t imagine why, but whatevs) comes this never-before-seen shot of Garcia as a young man:

Jerry Garcia high schoolThe caption is cut off, but this is from Garcia’s junior year in high school. It’s a bit tough to tell it’s him, actually, but the beard does make a big difference.


  1. Excellent trolling. Rate 7/10

    • oh my god I hope my comment name doesn’t show up as “fuck you” because I put that in there as a joke (WordPress normally recognizes my email, and therefore my name, so even if I write such profane imperatives, it will change them to my real name) but for some reason it’s showing up that way

  2. Pretty cool – that is one I’ve never seen. Well done ToTD! Exceptional sleuthing.

  3. I’m completely screwing things up.

    All that I wanted to say was: Excellent trolling. 10/10 would cry because dank meme. *tips le fedora*

  4. That’s not him..

  5. when I save the pic, it tells me it’s fidel castro…

  6. Rick Rolled

  7. BTW, the rug store in Little Aleppo is Krazy Kamali’s House of Persian Imports. JG would go pick a few out whenever Kamali got a new rug shipment in. John Kahn would usually go along, to verify the quality.

    And also to smoke the heroin that was rolled up inside the rugs.

  8. Anagram of – “Fidel Castro Jerry Garcia”

    A Farcical Orders Trey Jig

  9. Jerome Garcia = Rejoice! A gram!

  10. Hmmm…no sparkle in those eyes, not sure I believe that’s Garcia, either.

  11. Totally Fidel

  12. I still don’t understand how this is under debate.

    It’s clearly Chad Kroeger before his hair got light.

  13. y’all are all high…
    that’s obviously antonio banderas

  14. Looks like Fidel was doing the Spock-eyebrow-thing long before Nimoy.

  15. It’s definitely Fidel. But can you spot the clever reference to Sinatra?

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