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Eyes Of The (Desert) World

jawa stealie
SpamJam won the Comment Section yesterday with this. It is awesome, and I encourage people to steal it and put it on Instagram.

Also: anyone got a better title? Mine sucks. 


  1. As I listened to “Live Rust” the other day, the best I can do is “Road-eyes of the world.”

  2. “Steal your droids”?

    I got nothin’. Sorry.

  3. Tatooine Shuffle? Jawa Take You Home? Caution

  4. (Do Not Stop on Tusken Tracks)

  5. Very happy my extremely limited Photoshop skills have brought joy to a corner of the interwebs. Unfortunately I’m actually a Trekkie and can’t really help in the Star Wars title game. Jawa Cat Sunflower? Steal Your Droids?

  6. A riffle on my shoulder, ion blaster in my hand;


    Dre has Beats. ToTD has this.

  8. Wow…

    The comment section has moved solidly from commentary to creation..

    It’s alive, It’s alive…

    It’s a doughnut.. that sings.

  9. Dead-Stare Don’t Have No Mercy

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