I don’t get Further. I get why everyone involved goes to the shows. Phil and Bobby go for two reasons: first: these are guys who need incoming cash. if you’re a regular reader, you’ll have noticed a recurring trope: the Dead were not savings account kind of guys and there were one or two guys in the organization whose primary function was to make the money go away as quickly as possible.

Secondly (and this is the better answer): because these men have no other skill set. Malcolm Gladwell talked about the 10,000 hours it takes to master something: the men in the Dead spent their 10,000 hours figuring out how to make Sugaree last 22 minutes.

And I certainly understand why the audience goes, to get their booties loose. Perhaps to do the Dougie. Now, I’m not going near the concert: the levels of intoxication required for to boogie in public would be astronomical.

But it’s like The Muppets: there’s just some random dude from the Yale Drama program’s hand up Kermit’s ass now.

And I understand the completist mindset behind archiving all the shows.

But listening to them? Did some tragedy befall us that erased all copies of every 1973 show? The year still exists as a viable thing? Because if it does, you should be listening to that. Life is short–listen to 1973.

And please don’t start with the “just switching it up” argument. switching it up is listening to Hayden or Quiet Riot, not choosing to listen to an empirically worse version of the same band. That’s just deliberate dickery.

I have opinions on things, lots and lots of things.