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Father’s Catch

bobby daughter bonnaroo

You can lose the ball in the sun. Those first days of the season, when you can feel the grass growing under your sharp spikes, and your eyes are stiff and weak from the winter. Put your glove up for shade, and the ball’s gone. And your legs have forgotten their jobs. Flip your shades down, dummy. It was just there, just there, I saw it just there, and a year’s gone and two more strides towards the wall and the game’s over.

You guess where you’ll be needed, and you go there and hope you’ve done the right thing. Trust that the ball knows its trajectory. Right or wrong, you’ll stand there til the end of the inning.

You can lose the ball in the sun.

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  1. Been an absentee commenter for awhile, as the work webs blocked the site for some reason…I would assume it has something to do with either The Adventures of Roy Head or the drug-addled musings of Katy-doodles…or both…probably both.

    Anyway, this post struck a heart-string and I just had to say thank you. As a dad of three young’uns, I often find myself too caught up in the daily chaos to remember to stop and smell the roses every once in a while…thanks for the reminder.

    Btw, you really should try this writing thing out for a living…I’m sure someone’s made you an offer by this point.

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