Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Fedora The Explorer

bill graham sneaky

Things Bill Graham is thinking about:

  • That schmuck Michael Lang.
  • Those momzers in Led Zeppelin, limey cocksuckers.
  • Limey cocksuckers in the Stones, those momzers.
  • That gonif Lenny Hart.
  • The shtarkers back in New York.
  • Hell’s Angels, I gotta deal with?
  • Been a mild Spring this year.
  • Phil Lesh, I gotta deal with?
  • And that Rock Scully schnorrer.
  • Oy: goyim.


  1. Wolfie is planning some Jewish Lightning for one of his many warehouses full of zu-zu’s and wam-wam’s to be sold off to nefarious Midwestern lawyers later.

  2. Otis Redding: what a Mensch

  3. If my voice was as loud as this speaker, I could hondel more scheckels from these doped up goys just by reading appocripha from the torah to them!

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