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Feel The Real Bern

Wanna know how respected Bernie Worrell is?

Here’s the band for this track:


  • Clavinet, Synthesizer, Organ, Lead Vocals: Bernie Worrell
  • Bass: Bootsy Collins
  • Drums: Steve Jordan
  • Keyboard: Herbie Hancock
  • Guitar: Keith Richards, Jimmy Ripp, Bootsy Collins
  • Saxophone: Maceo Parker
  • Background Vocals: Gary Cooper, Sheila Washington, Jody Bell, Doug Duffey

Forget about Herbie Hancock and Keith Richards: Bernie got Gary Cooper, and he’s been dead since 1961. That’s respect.

(Also: that is the laziest album cover I’ve ever seen. Love you, Bernie, but it’s true.)



  1. I didn’t realize he played on Never Buy Texas From a Cowboy, now that’s a classy album cover.

  2. So worth it to track down the Kimock 4tet with Bernie.

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