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Feeling All White

bobby white jeans phil

In this picture, we see Phil witnessing a murder and deciding whether or not to stick around and talk to the cops while Bobby models the latest in white jean fashion from Mr. Dong’s of Palo Alto. Want people to look at your crotch against their will? Shop at Mr. Dong’s!

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  1. Bobby is so weird (get it?) I still love him, and he’s a lot of what the Dead is, which means occasionally brilliant.

    Everyone else in the band (save Donna) AGGRESSIVELY didn’t give a fuck: see tracksuit Billy, mom jeans Phil, cigarette burn Jerry. Bobby’s the only consistently presentable guy, yet displays the most frequently questionable taste. To wit: leather jacket Bobby, 80s ponytail Bobby, hightop Bobby, Robert Goulet’s eyeglasses Bobby.

    One time I wondered what Garcia must have thought about this, then remembered that Garcia doesn’t give a shit what you do.

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