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Fifth Day Of July

J u l y 1 9 7 8 - T h e C o m p

I’ve got no skin in this one, as opposed to my usual plugs, but they did a special on the Dead channel on Sirius XM about the upcoming July ’78: The Complete Recordings box set and I caught a half-hour of it: this one’s going to be special. Like you, I’ve heard the shows from Red Rocks once or twice, and the selections from the 7th sound unbelievably good; it would seem impossible to improve on the circulating copies, but once again they have.

The revelation might be the Omaha show from the 5th. David Lemieuxleskinnerblues was gushing about it, but you know how excited he gets about the Dead, BUT THEN HE PLAYED THE TRUCKIN’, and if the rest of this show is this good, then I will be forced to consider naming this the Best Box Set EVAR.

Go listen to it, plus the other stuff, and buy the box. It’s not sold out yet, but it will be soon, and it deserves to be. Also: if people don’t buy it, then how can I steal it?

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  1. Should be easy to improve on the circulating copies of the 7th. Last I saw they were all from a 1-channel source – apparently a dub off the master reel where 1 channel literally wasn’t plugged in. Stoners. There are 4 or 5 versions of the SBD but they all derive from that 1 channel source, fancied up in various ways to make em sound listenable

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