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Fightin’ Words

Image result for tony iommi 1970Hey, Tony Iommi.


You’re scary.

“This is me most frightful satin kimono. Dinna mean tae scare ya.”

Just a little.

“Well, ‘old yer ‘ead up, me son.”

You accent seems to be all over those rainy islands you people call home.

“I am being written by someone who has no idea what a Northern accent sounds like.”

That’ll do it. Anyway, Tony Iommi: you’ve most likely got an open schedule Why didn’t you get an audition for Dead & Company.”

“We’ve got such different styles of music. Also, and I don’t like to speak badly about anyone except Dio and Ozzy and Bill Ward and Geezer Butler and Ozzy’s wife and Meatloaf, but the Grateful Dead are…”



Out with it?

“They are intimidated by my mustache.”

mickey mustaches young“WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY, IOMMI?”

pig scruffy porsche
“That scurvy dog start flapping his gums ’bout mustaches? We gots to show the man some American muscle!”

bpbby crazy official
“Bring that limey fuck to me. He kicked the puppy and now he gets the Weirwolf.


  1. Yeah so fun story of the day (when do I not have stuff to say omfg)

    When I got home from the surgeon’s office today, my sister brought up John Mayer to mess with me while I was in my drugged-out state and I began WAILING and told my her and my brother about Jeff getting caught with pot. Then I said, “Some of my friends… They’re trying to convince me that he got fired from the band!!!!! :'( I saw him in theaters with dad and he was SO GOOD!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!! :'( why are they tricking me??? :'( ” and they just laughed and laughed

    So yeah thx 4 getting me obsessed with this darned spinoff band stuff k

  2. I’m posting this here, because it had 2 comments. That’s two more than zero, and 8 less than 20. So, in my brain, it’s a good number.

    I like y’all a lot. You make me happy about 10 times a day, or more. Less, if it’s slow. But I’f kinda like to maybe hang out here some, and interject amongst the comments, but I don’t want to just show up univited. So can I maybe get invited, or spit on, or something? I could provide a resume or references, I guess, but that’s really weird. I may be a little drunk. But it’s Tuesday (shit, technically Wednesday, but I was drinking back when it was Tuesday), and Tuesday is open jam night, so it’s expected of me. I’m likeable. I probably don’t really have references. But I’m good with punctuation.

  3. Tony’s outro always smelled a little Jerry-ish to me on this one.

  4. Yay! That’s awesome. I woke up this morning with that, “OMG, was I drunk typing??” shame, but it’s gone now. Commenting in your own head is a weird thing. Talking to yourself is one thing…commenting to a bunch of strangers to yourself is a whole different disorder!

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