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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Fire On The Two-Way Mirror Mountain

Goddammit. Garcia?


“Oh, that. Piss off, man. I started a little fire. Not the end of the world.”

No, that’s a flood.

“Right. We’re all good here.”

Not really. Garcia?


How come the Grateful Dead never had any pyro?

“Show biz bullshit.”

Not debating that. Still, though: pyro is awesome.

“I think the Dead killed enough people without having explosives onstage, don’t you?”

Excellent point.


  1. They had that guy sitting on stage in the Grateful Dead movie who would toss up little bits of flaming flash paper.

    It was the lamest hippie attempt at pyro you could imagine.

    But it was fire on stage..

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