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Fired On The Mountain

[PDF] The Precipice » The“Oh, hey, Jeff. Didn’t see you there.”

“We’ve been talking for ten minutes, Bobby.”

“We’re gonna agree to disagree. Also, we have to let you go.”


“It’s just bad timing, man. You could’ve gotten away with it when we were Furthur or The Dead or any other of those last times we toured. But now we’re Dead & Company.”

“Which means?”

“If you’re gonna call yourself ‘& Company’ then you have to act professional, don’t you?”

“Bobby, stop this.”

“How the hell do you get arrested for weed in 2015?”

“I can’t help it if I’m lucky.”

“Sure. Anyway, I’m sorry, pal: we cleared out your office and threw all your stuff away.”


“Don’t make this harder than it is. Also: do you know any piano players? We just lost ours.”


    • Sir Luther Von Baconson

      August 11, 2015 at 10:49 am

      wavy runs a tight ship, no? the clock? “at 6:15 when i bring the mallet down, gimme a bouncy ‘C’……stick with me kid & you’ll get more Pussy than Frank Sinatra”

  1. I’m so confused I feel like ur the ultimate troll master

  2. Nice job with the line from Idiot Wind.

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