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First Part Of The Word Is “Rain”

I’m sure there will be old-school hippity-types at the shows these next two weekends, particularly those mottled and flabby losers from the Rainbow Family. They will be easy to spot, as they look like old people behaving like cartoon gypsies. Bunch of white boys who flashed onto the cosmic joke that nothing meant anything (maaaan) but never got the punchline, which is: yes, it’s all pointless, but you don’t have to shit in the woods and shoplift your communal dinners.

Anyway, they’re just terrible and if you don’t feel like reading the article (and the comments: trust me on this one,) then just look at this and know everything you need to know:

IMG_1730There you go.

ps The person who wrote that caption deserves a fucking MacArthur Genius Grant.


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  2. Not your Father’s Hippies.
    They sound like Meth addicts with a side order of violence and mayhem.
    The comment under the article by Anna Shingleton is scary sh1+.

  3. Robin Russell

    June 25, 2015 at 7:41 pm

    Hmm, the Rainbows remind me of the serpent cultists from the first Conan movie.

  4. I attended a regional gathering around 2000. Responsible younger group (but we were all younger in 2000.) No alcohol except for Camp Zero (or whatever number it was.)

    Too huggy for my taste and I’m actually kinda meh on the Herb.

  5. That’s one sweet beard on the ‘lady’ in the photo at the top of the article. The ‘Stewey’ jammies are a nice touch, too.

  6. Well, the wizard *is* sauntering.

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