Another manufactured brouhaha has arisen due to the (now-former) CEO of Mozilla being a bigot and other people–also bigots–being mad that he wasn’t allowed to be a bigot in peace and without suffering any consequences for said bigotry. Some words and phrases shall be misused; TotD helps you sort the gay wheat from the gay chaff.

Tolerance is realizing that Billy is going to punch dicks and accepting him for the dickpuncher he is. It doesn’t mean offering up your dick like a virgin to the lava gods during volcano season. It doesn’t mean not warning your favorite cousin, sotto voce, to move four feet to the left. Just means you have to live with Billy and his proclivities.

Freedom of Speech is a fuzzy-brained catch-all term that doesn’t exist, legally or morally. Were you talking about the First Amendment? Because that’s what’s germane here, except that it’s not. The First Amendment prevents the government from stopping citizens from saying things, except when they can and it doesn’t apply to private companies and certainly has nothing at all to do with interactions between citizens on ethical grounds. Congress can’t stop Vince from doing Samba in the Rain, but the crowd going to the bathroom during the song is not a freedom of speech issue: that’s just good taste.

Bullying is about power: the group in charge does it to the group not in charge. Gays–and their supporters–have never been in charge, save for the fashion industry, the city of West Hollywood, and any boat Garcia was on. (Garcia thought that “if you’re on the water, it doesn’t count” and got a bit boisterous about, to be honest.)

The h0mosexual agenda involves securing liberties and rights and tax breaks, then blowing some dudes. It was also what the crew called Mickey’s mustache behind his back.