jerry bobby kicking phil onstage

Bobby felt light onstage sometimes, not like he was floating, no: he was streaking across the sky with the band at his back and the horizon in his hair. No running start needed, not even a second at idle: just up, up, away. Past the lights, by the speakers, through the ceiling–sheer magical physics punching him through the roof–and he’s gone, going fast fast faster than the need of light (which is far greater than the speed of light, as light is rather insecure) until he hits the part of the universe that isn’t part of the universe and Bobby flies fast, he flies into the Space Between and every time this happens, Bobby feels an intense sadness that only someone who has loved only in dreams would recognize.

Sometimes, though, Bobby forgot it was a dream and started pretending to fly and making WHOOOSH noises into the mic and Garcia would just side-eye the fuck out of him until he started behaving.