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bobby backstage peach
“All right, watch me: it’s an E7, then ya hit your A by way of a C Major which gives the whole thing that zing, y’know? Then you get a decent haircut, avoid Billy, and the chorus repeats until I get bored. Okay, chums: let’s do this.”


  1. Look at Keller’s little fannie pack on the stage next to his phone, and then look at Bobby’s man bag lying on the ground, he has headphones, a scarf or something, and it is overflowing with who knows what.. probably a sandwich, some tools, his flashlight, Natasha probably packs him a festival survival pack, including a medical alert thingy. Then his personal crew adds some man stuff and he is ready for the road.

    Then look at the after-show love that Keller gives Bobby..

    I think he is having one of those trip freak outs where he does not know who he is, and Bobby is calming him down, probably with some xanax from the survival pack.

  2. “See that silver haired skeezer over there in the Hawaiian shirt with a bottle of rum and an 18 year old on his lap?
    Jimmy Buffett?
    No, Billy our drummer.
    I made a deal with him.
    I told him he could come out and sing Margaritaville but it has to be freestyle rap.
    You know how to funk that shit up, right?”
    You bet slapsy, lets do this.”

    • Did u fckin write this

      Because I’m fucking crying right now. There are tears rolling down my cheeks. It’s probably because it’s late and everything is WAY funnier when you’re trying not to wake up your family, but this is beautiful. Solid 9/10 from Maggs over here. goddamn it Billy better read this awful disgusting excuse for a blog

  3. Yes larvae deadhead, I coughed up that furball.
    I just follow the breadcrumbs that TOTD leaves behind.

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