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For A Loose Definition Of “Drum”

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Five minutes into the honky-horn symphony, Billy looked backstage and noticed a roadie who had clearly been beaten to death with honky-horns. Then, he looked down and noticed Mickey’s baseball gloves and all of a sudden Billy knew he’d been set up.


The geese came suddenly and with anger. Billy accepted his feathery death; he was laughing as the birds ate his eyes.


I guarantee these things come with a lecture about how “everything’s a drum, man.”


Holy shit: Mickey is not wearing a Dead shirt. AND he doesn’t have his Stealie earpiece in. Mickey is momentarily bereft of Dead bullshit; he’s had nightmares about this for years.



“Yeah Mick?”

“They’re like boobies.”

“They totally are.”


Shortly after this picture was taken, the rest of the band joined the Rhythm Devils for Drums, except for Bobby, who took one look and started making calls about the next Ratdog tour.


  1. Luther Von Baconson

    July 4, 2016 at 1:04 pm

    Mickey looks like he might’ve had experience with Testicular Elephantiasis

  2. Dislike!!!!! I think that the drums on this tour have been incredibly epic, especially at Folsom. I especially enjoyed seeing the rest of the band getting involved. Just a testimony to how much fun these guys are having.

    • I like Drums this tour, and I like ToTD making fun of drums.

      I wish there was Youtube of the Mickey drumming on Oteil’s back from Virginia.

      I also liked when Young John smacked his guitar with an open hand to encourage Mickey to smack the beam, they were both smacking the strings together for a moment there.

      I missed the horn symphony for 5 stoners, need to get on youtube I guess.

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