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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

For He’s A Jolly Good Phellow

“I think you’ve posted this picture before.”

I think so, too, but it’s your birthday and you look so handsome.

“Slow down.”

You could totally play the patriarch of the family on one of those teevee shows about diverse, multi-generational clans.

“And my daughter’s a drug addict, so me and Jill are raising the baby?”

Yeah, they do that bit on all those shows.

“Eh. You know how much work shooting a television show is?”

True. So: happy birthday, buddy.

“We’re not buddies, but thank you.”


“Holy shit, right?”

It’s not a small number. Can I ask you a question?

“If it’s not stupid.”

How long does a Grateful Dead version of Happy Birthday run for?

“I told you not to be stupid.”

Ever been a How Old Are You Now jam in the middle?

“We’re done.”

Happy birthday, Phil.

“Get out.”

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  1. how bout a “happy birthday” rap in the middle of “lovelight”… let em sing

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