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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

For Science!

All right, Enthusiasts: science time. Put on your lab coats and take off your pants. Do you have your eye protection? Cups?

Next one of you to even look at the eyewash or the emergency shower is getting suspended.

Here’s the dodge:

Get your phone and your computer, or tablet, or whatever. Two separate internet connections. Also, two sets of ear buds.

Put this Phil & Phriends Stream on your phone, and the left bud in your left ear.

Put this Phil & Phriends stream on your computer, and the right bud in your right ear.

Report back here if your head doesn’t start giving off Hawking radiation.

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  1. Purely for science the other great one to listen to in dyi quad is eyes of the world from so many roads box set and the gd movie soundtrack. Trust me.

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