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Four Lesh-o

phil clone

You were screwing around with that Time Sheath again, weren’t you?

“I know how it works. We’ve had that thing forever.”

You’ve had a time machine forever from the first second you own a time machine.

“You know what I mean. I think the Apple Watch freaked it out.”

Warned you about those things. The Devil’s bracelets.


Tell me what’s happening. Is this a clone thing?

“Reality fritz-type deal.”

Like Bobby’s rando glitch. I got it. What were you doing with the Time Sheath?

“Wanted to see Athens at its height.”

How was it?

“Full of shit and disease, just like every other city in the past.”

I don’t know why you keep to visit.

“You just have to get used to the smell and not touch anything or anyone.”

Like the DMV.


You want me to call Precarious?

“He was always the go-to guy for stuff like this. Just don’t tell Robbie Taylor.”





  1. Can you say with confidence that this not a future Phil, just messin’ with you?

  2. Doritos: The Devil’s Triangles.

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