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Four Nipples, No Waiting

Like the hermaphrodite said at the genital store, why not both?


band 67 shirtless phil and billy

TotD promised you Shirtless Phil Day, but what does he bring you? FUCKIN’ CHESTY THE RHYTHM MACHINE up there.

Also, Phil is wearing his trousers in a hip-hop fashion and, from the pallor of his skin, appears to be a dracula of some sort.


  1. I know this is the mid-late 60s and they can’t have had any real money, but Jesus, that PA.

    Phil and Bobby must’ve just come from Pittsburgh, because those could only have come from Pants N’At.

    • Garcia and Bobby have moved past the Guild guitars–is it 67? Summer, obviously…

      • Sounds about right. Did Jerry have two black LPs? I don’t remember seeing that tailpiece.

        I’m assuming this is GGP, which should narrow it down to about 6,000 shows.

    • Ya’ gotta’ love all the Kustom stuff and Navy Surplus PA horns. It looks like GGP in about ’67 but who the Hell knows?

      Sheeit, there’s more cheesy tuck and roll there than in a Tijuana upholstery shop.

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