We bring you tonight’s show via the amazing, spectacular, uncanny, invincible, and incredible Lost Live Dead. Lost Live Dead brings you answers to questions you didn’t know you had: how many drug dealers were in the Jerry Band, anyway? Where was the Dead’s equipment truck on March 16th, 1970? Just what did Mickey see in Joan Baez, anyway?

(That last question is still up for debate.)

The Dead’s only Maine gig for a decade or so, 4/22/71 in Bangor, is just okay. Right up front, this one ain’t as good as the next week’s Fillmore run, although what coud be? A bit short, a ton ragged, but mostly right with a good Hard to Handle that never quite takes off, and a damn fine Good Lovin’ containing a tiny and mutated Mind Left Body Jam.

Also, Bobby finds a kid’s car keys.

Read the great post over at Lost Live Dead while listening to the show: good way to spend an evening. Licking things off Emma Stone: far, far, far better way to spend an evening/