How about a sammich in which The Other One was the bread, fresh-baked and straight from Big Momma’s oven of love, and Sittin’ on Top of the world was the meatiest meat you’d ever tasted? Would that be something you’d be interested in?

And what about a 20-minute Good Lovin’ wherein Pig completely forgets what song he’s singing and cues the band back in with his legendary cry of “SHE GOT BOX BACK NITTIES, CRAYFISH AND MORMON MICE!” and then, a little sheepishly, trails off as he realizes it’s not Lovelight, and if you start screaming about Nitties (box back or otherwise) in every single song, large men in uniforms come and get you

What if there were an early Playin’ without the great swaths of Doom Jam that song came to lovingly contain? (And, no Donna wail, be that for good or ill.) A Brokedown with a Garcia solo that will denude your bush, no matter your ethnicity?

PLUS, in a welcome repeat from the spectacular Felt Forum run the previous week, Pig wishes everyone in the house (and out there in Radioland) a rockin’ Xmas with Chuck Berry’s Run, Run Rudolph.

12/10/71 at the Fox Theater on St. Louis. Leave it on.

P.S. And I neglected to mention (because you and I both know that I post these recommendations while I’m not even halfway through the show, so I hadn’t heard it yet) that during GDTRFB, Bobby plays China Cat, like fourteen times and it’s just wonderfully wonderful.