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Frame Job

You know, Enthusiasts, that I don’t like repeating pictures, but there was a demand in the comment section to “explain Benjy.” Sadly, I cannot tell you what Benjy is.

But I can show you.

benjy home alone


  1. register this in the National Library of Congress u fckin dweeb

  2. u cannot “like” Benjy Eisen on Facebook. u can only “friend” him, which is lame. he is an important public figure who has given lots to society because Bill Kreuztmann told him to

  3. If that is Benji, where are the giant headphones? I think it is an imposter.

  4. Who is Benjy Fuck stick???????

    Sent from my iPhone. Please forgive brevity and typos.


  5. Mike & Gloria Gonna Be My Name

    August 24, 2015 at 12:27 am

    Um. Can I just, like….go ahead and like and friend you guys right here on TotD tour?

    Also- I really, really want Hear Muffs now. And all the 70s music. That would be cool to have again too.

  6. I’m going to punch you in the dick. Who is Benjy???

    Sent from my iPhone. Please forgive brevity and typos.


  7. Benji was a cute disney dog. Inspired a generation of puppy mills.


    • Everyone wanted their own Benjy, but soon the breeders were selecting only for looks. The headphones got so large that the Benjys couldn’t be born nautrally. Their denim became too thick for hot festivals.

      A mess.

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