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  1. Rather have a root canal…

  2. I saw the Grateful Dead 166 times over 20 years (1972-1992). When I divide 166 into $3485.00, the fee to stand on the Soldier’s Field for one show, it comes to about $21.00. That seems like an average price for a ticket for each show I saw. I would pay $3485.00, without hesitation, to enter a “time-travel lottery” to see any of those shows again. But I wouldn’t pay $21.00 to stand on Soldier’s field for this debacle.

  3. The people who buy those tickets are going to get exactly what they’re paying for — a halfway decent Dead cover band. Except, unlike with the decent Dead cover band playing at my local watering hole next Thursday, here, there’s a reasonable chance that the rythym guitarist will collapse in an ambien haze during “Space” or that someone will come out for the second set with a black eye because they fucking hate each other.

  4. Tickets behing the stage, marked “NO VIEW” are going for $700. Actually, spenfing seven hundred dollars to not have to see this clusterfuck actually seems like a reasonable price.

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