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Frequently Asked Questions About Riot Advocacy

Should I advocate a riot?

Fictionally? Or semi-fictionally?

No. Under my own name, with no modifiers, and in public.

Fuck, no.

What if there, like, should be a riot?

Oh, karmically?


Say, a leader has been fomenting violence and–by any honest reading of the situation–the only way it can end is in blood?


Still can’t advocate a riot.

Even on Twitter?

Especially on Twitter. That would actually be the worst place to advocate a riot. You could advocate riots all day at the local tavern, and no one’s going to care, because it is a tavern and you have been there all day, and are therefore not a person to be listened to. But you’re not going to get in trouble. Do it on Twitter and you’re getting in trouble.

Isn’t that censorship?



Anything else?

What if a riot or twelve is definitely absolutely positively guaranteededly going to happen?

Nope. You’re missing the crux of the problem, which is not the riot itself; it is the advocacy. Riots are monsters that maim and kill; they are terrible events. To root for it is to welcome the hospital stay, and the rehab facility, and the funeral home. The only people who think riots are cool are kids from the suburbs and psychopaths eager for a chance to hurt a stranger.


We done?


Okay. Hail Hydra.




  1. Is this about a politician?

  2. Robin Russell

    June 6, 2016 at 12:54 am

    TotD endorser William S. Burroughs suggests making a tape of riot noises and playing it back at volume in a large crowd is highly effective.

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