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From A Tenement Window, A Transistor Blares

I didn’t imagine it.


  1. When I saw Bruce at Winterland (Dec 15 ’78) and he got to the line where he sang “from the coastline to the city, all the little pretties raise their hand” and shouted “Raise ’em up,” everybody waved their hands, even the non-pretty amongst us. It was a magical moment.

    Any dopey metal band can get their crowd to chant “all night long” or whatever, but when Bruce sang “Rosalita” and pointed at the crowd and we all sang “we’re gonna play some pool, skip some school, act real cool, stay out all night and it’s gonna be alright” that was something.

    After the third encore–it was past midnight and he’d been rocking for over three hours–he came back and we had no idea what he was going to play. He still had a million songs left–“Kitty’s Back” or “E Street Shuffle” maybe? No.

    How about a forgotten Eddie Floyd song from 1962? When he got to the chorus and sang “if there’s something you need, you got to Raise Your Hand!” and everybody did just that, it was something. Remember, per this blog, I had been at a couple of the From Egypt With Love shows (October 78) and I went to the Closing Of Winterland (Dec 31 ’78) and this was better.

    My sister went the next night (Dec 16), and she swears that it was even better than the 15th. Can’t say she’s wrong–they opened with “Good Rockin’ Tonight” and threw in “It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City” in the first set.

    I’ll meet you tonight by the giant Exxon sign, that gives this fair city light.

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