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From The Top #2

Continuing our binge-listen of the Dave’s Picks series of live recordings, we find the second volume birthed in Connecticut on a typically long and involved afternoon with the Wall of Sound. The China>Rider is good. Really good. Great? Sure: why the fuck not?

Stop that.

I’ll go with great. Great China>Rider. Listenable and good and American. Even though it’s a China>Rider: still an American kinda tune.

If you don’t want to do reviews, why did you start this? No one was asking for this.

People ask. Some of the nice people asked about the specifics of that time the Dead went to the Westminster Dog Show.

That could be funny.


Or you could keep wasting everyone’s time by telling them what they already know: the DaPs are awesome, except if you’re a die-hard Brent fan or 1969 killed your parents. Because there is very little Brent and quite a bit of ’69.

Lot of 1969, yeah.

Well, you know: the tapes came back.

Good for the tapes. More from summer of ’73, please.

You do realize that everyone has their own demands-phrased-as-requests, right?

If you’re talking bad about summer ’73, we’re going to fight.

You do realize that we’re the same person, right?

Stop trying to confuse me, you Italic-American bastard. Go enjoy your traditional foods!

I gotta see if I can catch on with a new blog. This is getting silly.


  1. We used to play for life, now we play for silver. Do the Rast coast fans right, give us some shows.

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