Thoughts On The Dead

Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

From The Top #6

Questions Dave’s Picks 6 brings up:

  • Was Mickey still in the band?
  • If so, was he in the building?
  • If so, was he on the stage?
  • And, so forth.
  • If you were given an opportunity (via Time Sheath technology, of course) to join the Grateful Dead for one record and one photo shoot, could you do any better than TC? And he did it accidentally.
  • Was there no way to get a few more half-rehearsed Mason’s Childrens on this release?
  • Listening to a 35-minute Lovelight is like watching someone else play video games: no matter how much joy and emotion is felt by the participants, none is transferred to the observant.
  • I know that wasn’t a question, but whaddya want for nothing?


  1. Get your hand out of your pocket, TotD

  2. Mason’s Children is one hard song to warm up to.

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