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From The Top

Against my advice, TotD is taking his own advice and listening to the Dave’s Pick series all the way through in order and shall (sporadically or relentlessly: who knows at this point?) share opinions about the entries.

As usual, I’ve already fucked this up, as I listened to the first volume yesterday and have mostly forgotten it, but The Other One is a jammy highlight from a competitive field of jams. May ’77 was, as we all know, not a local or regional or even state-wide contest to find the Best Jam: this was Westminster. The Big Show. And this second set from DaP 1 sticks the landing.

How many metaphors you gonna mix and mangle?



  1. Hmm, if the dead were a dog show, which band member would win best in show? And what breed would said members be?

  2. Thanks thoughts.

  3. Rodeo Amy, that’s awesome please expand on that….wait what part would Vince be?

  4. Prosthetic indeed!!

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