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Front Five

deadandco football folsom

Bobby’s jersey says LORAX.

Also, Jeff Chimenti is my favorite person. Look at him, all goony and happy and magical. If you catch Jeff Chimenti, then he must grant you wishes; if you made a paintbrush from his hair, the art you create would go with any sofa. Jeff Chimenti talks in his sleep, but only inspirational messages and compliments. An anagram for “Jeff Chimenti” is not “Wow, he’s great.”

Also also: the fun and games are over. I need to know where Billy was.


  1. Is Josh Meyers the only Grateful Dead ever to sport tattoos?

  2. Does Road crew count?

    One of them had a great “tigger” tattoo, you know from Winnie the Pooh.

    • …and there’s another thing that make the Grateful Dead different. What other band had a road crew made up of people who were as well-known to fans as the musicians?

      • PaulCHebert,

        What could any of us possibly know about any other bands, really if we have a blind spot, that is it.

  3. Begs the question: has there ever been a Dead show with one drummer, where that drummer was Mickey? Hard to imagine Billy intentionally taking a sick day or passing on a paycheck, but in 50 years, also seems that he might have missed at least a gig or two here or there during the times when Mickey has been around? Or is that just silliness?

    • I think Kreutzman makes the claim in his book that he never missed a gig. And thank Christ, ’cause I’d hate to hear what a Hart-only GD would have sounded like.

      • Thoughts On The Dead

        July 9, 2016 at 11:01 pm

        Billy got in a fight with Keith and skipped town before a Chicago ’78 show, but they cancelled instead of go on with just Mickey.

    • 68 mickey and the hartbeats?
      Not really GD shows, and a long time back, and never Bobby, but Garcia and Mickey and others.

  4. Lorax indeed.

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