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Frontons Of Steel


This is the Miami jai-alai fronton; the Dead somehow–possibly through various dark magic (excuse me: darck magicks)–stuffed the Wall into here for two nights in June, ’74. The second night, with its deeply weird closing sequence (Dark Star Jam>Spanish Jam>US fucking Blues), is legendary and I;ve linked to it, so here’s the first night of the run: 6/22/74.

Different feeling show: instead of the rear-engined behemoth of the second night, the first night’s huge Playin’ jam is smack in the middle of the show, making it a mid-engined sports car in this analogy, which is poor at best.

I can’t even imagine the nightmare making this place sound good was: frontons are made from echoes. Echoes are load-bearing.


  1. As I remember it, there was a floor-to-ceiling wire net to prevent the high-speed pelota from hitting anyone in the audience. So, does that mean when the Dead played there, they played behind chicken wire ?

  2. Wasn’t there a lot of wagering built into a Ja Alai match? That could have been a feature of Fare Thee Well, y’know–10:1 on a Shakedown opening, that sort of thing.

    I don’t know how you calculate Fair Value on any of these things, but that wouldn’t be my problem

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