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Fuck The Second Amendment

There’s no such things as rights. They don’t exist. They’re stories we’ve told ourselves because we hate remembering we’re just mammals.

There are needs, and there is what the monsters in charge will allow. Everything else is fiction

Take the guns. And taking them from “cold, dead hands” is a perfectly acceptable option.


  1. Fuck peolple who give up their rights.

    • Nothing to give up, is my point. Rights are legal fictions and stories, nothing more. They don’t exist, we weren’t endowed with ’em, and they’re not inalienable.

      We’re endowed with stomachs that need filling and a due date. Everything else is what you negotiate.

      • Bullshit! Our rights are endowed by our creator – not by any man. Free will is all we have.
        Liberty or tyranny are the only choices. Dance to a Chinacat on the lawn or retreat to the basement – and hide in fear. in which case, God help you. Do not relinquish your rights due to the bad choices of the insane.

        • There’s nothing to relinquish.

          There’s no creator. We have no rights. Liberty and tyranny are situational, at best. It’s a joke with no punchline.

          But, don’t panic. I still dig ya.

  2. Damn, you lost me there. There’s nothing situational about tyranny. You either let your rights be defined by men or you don’t. And if you don’t know yer creator, I hope you do soon (under the best of circumstances, to be sure).
    No panic here – digging u in a mighty, mighty way. Wishing freedom for all..

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