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Fuck The Third Amendment, As Well

I’d be glad to quarter any British soldiers in the Palm Beach County area. Bring snacks and doobies.


  1. If you haven’t yet read this, here:

    Twenty-two years later, it’s still disturbingly on-point.

    The “revised to reflect reality” Amendment Three in that list is inexplicably not labeled as such. The content appears where you might expect it to appear.

  2. When Tom Constanten was in the Air Force in 67-68, but hanging a bit with Phil in order to work with the Dead, was the 3rd Amendment at issue? The country was not at war (Vietnam was not Declared, so not a War, constitutionally speaking), and Phil did not own any dwelling. So maybe some landlord was forced to quarter a soldier in violation of the 3rd Amendment.

    This could be a fertile area of Constitutional History. Or, of course, since I Am Not A Lawyer, maybe not. But still.

  3. Oui. The people applaud this initiative.

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