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Fully Dressed In A Nudie Suit

This is the legendary (no bullshitting or snark or irony implicit) Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner doing Lost Forever in your Kiss on some long-gone hillbilly TV show, and it is a little scary: I will not lie.

The guitarist’s Jesus sticker and Porter’s facial structure combine to give a very clear message of “Fuck off, Jewboy” to those of us attuned to those sorts of things. Plus, it’s the sixties, so Dolly has to giggle at Porter’s jokes and show deference to him, even though she’s a brilliant songwriter and performer and businesswoman and clearly the brains of this outfit. (Nobody’s planning a summer vacation to Porter Wagoner’s theme park, are they?)

Also, the audience is made up of, like, four random children and both Dolly and Porter’s hair need red blinking lights on their apexes per FAA regulations.

But then they start singing…


  1. this is the Porter Wagoner Show; where Dolly got her start but wound up more or less stealing the show

  2. I actually got to “sit in” with Poster Waggoner’s band once, in a dank basement joint in Traverse City, Michigan. I was trying to impress a girl, which failed miserably. Not because I played badly though. One need only imagine Porter’s Band stumbling their way through “Take It Easy.” In a dank basement.

  3. Interesting tidbit: Dolly wrote “I Will Always Love You” (which of course Whitney had a smash with in the 90’s) about Porter upon the dissolution of their partnership. As you were.

  4. You could BASE jump off either of those hairdos.

    A less-than-interesting tidbit:
    Way back in my college days, our apartment was above some lady, maybe divorced, but she had a couple kids. Our Friday and Saturday night drink fests were often loud and boisterous, lasting into the wee hours. She would exact her revenge by leaving her apartment early in the morning, but not before putting Dolly’s “I Will Always Love You” on her record player, turning it up as loud as it would go, and setting the platter arm so that when the stylus reached the end of the 45, it would automatically replay. Try listening to that with a gin and tonic hangover.

    Yet I have to admire her ingenuity- sheer brillance.

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